Types of Inspections



Home Buyer’s inspection

The Home Buyer’s Inspection is the most common.  Whether it’s your first home or one to accommodate a growing family  Steve’s  thorough home inspection will allow you to make a well-informed decision about proceeding with the purchase of the property. 

Knowing about a recent roof repair or knowing the HVAC system is 18 years old but still performing satisfactory are things you should know.  You might want to know if the electrical system is adequate should you decide to finish the basement or add a room or two.  

Being present at the inspection isn’t mandatory but it is highly recommended.  Steve will point out the main water shutoff valve and other plumbing shutoff valves.  You will know where any gas valves are located and what they control.  Steve will demonstrate how to change HVAC filter (s) and ensure you will be comfortable doing so on your own. 

And, most importantly, being present at the inspection provides an excellent opportunity for you, the client, to ask questions you never would have thought to ask if you weren’t present at the inspection.  


Home Seller’s pre-listing inspection

In addition to a general all-around cleanup of your house to make it look its best to a prospective buyer a thorough inspection by Steve may uncover some hidden problems the buyer’s home inspector will likely find. 

Learning about any needed repairs or safety issues prior to putting your home on the market eliminates problem negotiations later.  And, gives you ample time to select a qualified contractor at an acceptable price to make the repairs or take care of the repairs yourself.



New home construction inspection

An inspection conducted prior to closing to identify any problems that the builder could correct before moving in.


11th Month warranty inspections


Most builders offer a one-year warranty on a new home. Steve will come out during the 11th month and perform his normal thorough inspection before the builder’s warranty expires.  Don’t expect the builders to remind you when your one-year warranty expires. 

After receiving Steve’s inspection report you can pass along any defects to your builder and/or his subcontractors while your warranty is still in effect