Inspection Process

Steve's Inspection Process


Upon arrival Steve will spend 30-45 minutes walking around the outside of the property looking at the roof, chimney, exterior walls, gutters, siding, windows, walkways, decks, patios and grading.  Photos will be taken of any defects/necessary maintenance. 


Centreville Home Inspection Process


Once inside Steve will first check heating and air-conditioning equipment, water heater, plumbing, and electrical distribution panel. Again, taking photos of any defects and/or necessary maintenance. You are encouraged to follow Steve throughout the inspection.  When clients do follow many questions arise providing  an excellent opportunity to familiarize clients with their new house.


Centreville Home Inspection Process 2



Upon completion of the inspection Steve will sit down with you and your real estate agent and review each photo taken during the inspection.  Whether the photo is of a missing shingle on the roof or a wet spot found  in the crawl space you’ll have a clear understanding of the problem and what Steve recommends be done.

Some repairs are simple and straight forward.  Others require evaluation by a licensed contractor: electrician, plumber, heating and cooling professional, roofer, or structural engineer.

When the slideshow is over and all questions have been addressed Steve will then return home and  create the inspection report.  The report is then e-mailed to the client,  and with the client's permission,  to their agent.